1018 - The Expressive Metalsmith with Lesley Aine McKeown

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The Expressive Metalsmith - Jewelry from Inspiration to Manifestation

25, 26, 27, 28,  AUGUST 2022 - 4 DAYS

All art begins with inspiration. Why are you inspired? How we navigate the process of
creativity is crucial to owning your authentic personal expression. Equally important, is
knowing how to use technical skills as a means of visual language that clearly conveys
what you want to express. And it means knowing who you are and what you want for
your art so you can be confident in your self expression and the way you show up as an

The relationship between emotional expression, compositional facility, and technical
skill will be emphasized in this four-day in person jewelry retreat which includes short
lectures, personalized demos, individual and group discussion, lots of class studio
time, and review and critique for each participant and as a group at the end of the
workshop. You will be encouraged to design and create a personally unique piece of

What you will Learn How to access your creativity and develop skills that will form the
foundation of your artistic practice. Each student will receive personal guidance through
design, materials, fabrication techniques. Demos will be specifically designed to fit the
needs of each student’s design.

Design lecture and exercises - We will look at basic design principles and how
they apply to jewelry. Students will do short exercises to cement principles. Guidance on
how to access your creativity. Each student will then use these principles to begin to
design their piece. We will take a look at each students work and discuss
each person's needs and share personal stories.

We will work through the design and fabrication of each student's individual
piece. Personal guidance , demos and discussion.

Each day we will gather to discuss the day’s work and share our thoughts.
Fabrication instruction and demos will include selection of material, character of the
stones, stone setting approaches, metal shaping techniques (shell-forming, reticulation,
fold forming, hollow forms and more), texture techniques, soldering approaches,
lapidary, finishing, patination and bench tips.

Basic soldering skills required. Students should have Fabrication I skill level but this is not