1014 - Stone Carving at the Bench with Ryan Gardner 19-20 August 2021

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This class offers participants the chance to learn the techniques involved for carving stones at your bench. No large lapidary equipment required! Students will be shown a number of different diamond bits to achieve a variety of designs and textures in your stones and then how to polish those carvings. Ryan will also show students the process for creating laminations as well as the steps to create gold designs in stones such as the ones used by Ryan to create his Gold Bubble Collection for which he won a Saul Bell Design Award.


Participation in the arts was always important to me growing up. A strong arts program in high school influenced my decision to pursue a degree in the arts. I chose the arts program at Bowling Green State University in northwest Ohio where I discovered and fell in love with metals. I was introduced to many artists, including Michael Boyd, who became an inspiration for me.

Upon graduation I apprenticed for Michael Boyd at his studio in Colorado. That experience turned into an eight year adventure that continues today. It was with Michael that I learned to work with and manipulate stone, adding a new element to my love of jewelry design.

Since being in Colorado I have started my own business, Ryan Gardner Designs. I now showcase my work in galleries across the country. I love working with combining stone and metal in new ways creating works of art for people to enjoy in their daily lives.