Powdered Metal on Steel with Bette Barnett 9/10/11 July 2021 - Master Jewelry Class

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We're all familiar with baby powder, powdered sugar and powdery snow. But did you know that metals also come in powdered form? It’s true, most metals are available as powders—brass, bronzes, copper, even gold and silver for example. In addition, metals can be converted into a fine powder by grinding or filing. When these powdered metals are fused to steel, that’s when the magic happens. Powdered metals fuse beautifully to steel and most flow to create an even shimmery veil. In this workshop, you’ll learn all about fusing metal powders to steel to create high-impact mixed metals steel jewelry.

What You’ll Learn in This Workshop

Powdered metals take the fusing technique to a finer level by providing more control of the process and flexibility in the effects. In this techniques-focused workshop, we will explore the exciting world of fusing powdered gold and other metals to steel. The workshop will be packed full of information, hands-on skill building and fun. You’ll learn to: 

Work with mild steel sheet and wire. The basics of cutting, forming, texturing, soldering and polishing steel.​

Create metal filings/dust in preparation for fusing to steel. Create your own powdered gold using a flex shaft and grinding wheel.

Fuse gold and other powdered metals to steel. Fuse gold as well as commercially available powdered metals to steel, including silver, bronzes, copper and brass.

Work with steel wire and perforated steel sheet. Learn to design jewelry with wire and perforated steel, including special considerations, such as finishing edges and creating bezels.

Fuse powdered metals to perforated steel sheet and steel wire. Techniques involved to fuse powdered metals to alternative forms of steel and explore design considerations.

Patinate steel mixed metals jewelry. Learn how different patinas affect the metals and how to use those to create dramatic effects.

Seal your steel jewelry. Learn various methods to seal your steel jewelry to preserve and protect its beauty.

During the workshop, you’ll have time to create at least two pieces of steel jewelry with fused metal powders.

Please note, this class requires a kit of supplies which is included in the cost of  the class.  Soldering, torch skills and sawing skills are a prerequisite.