1017 - Nicole Ringold - FROM THE GARDEN

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21st through the 25th April 2022

 9 to 5

Nicole will be coming to our beautiful studio in Anaheim to teach her amazing skills in creating jewelry inspired by nature.  The theme will be "From the Garden" - so this summer and fall, collect samples for your inspiration.

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My art is inspired by a plant I encounter while hiking through the mountain, the shape of a rock I pluck from the river, my natural surrounds, a sound, glimpse or smell.

I am a silversmith living in Winthrop, Washington, situated in the North Cascade mountains in Washington state. I am an outdoor enthusiast, gardener, wife and mother, farmer, and world wanderer.

My botanical jewelry is hand fabricated. Many people assume that it is cast, dipped or electroformed. I start with silver sheets and wire, saw, solder, file, texture, form, oxidize and polish every piece. My intention is not to replicate the plants, but to recreate them with silver with as much detail as possible. My goal with every piece is to make the metal appear alive.

Throughout the year I teach master silversmithing workshops in my studio and around the globe.

When not in my studio, you can find me in the mountains, with my family and chocolate lab, tilling soil in my garden, or dreaming up our next foreign excursion.