1016 - Michael Boyd - Innovate and Integrate: Stone and Metal

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 October 22nd to 26th 2021 (5 days)

Are you passionate about gemstones but frustrated that the shapes and forms available don’t fit your work? Learn to cut shapes and forms that truly integrate with the ones you use in your metal work. Find inspiration learning how to design with, not around your materials. Watch a series of step-by-step demonstrations on cutting basic shapes and forms in stone. Combining metal work with lapidary, explore alternative, innovative ways of joining stone with metal by piercing, drilling, riveting, layering, grooving, laminating and more. 

Genie stone cutting and polishing machines will be provided - $100 kit fee due in class.

Michael will bring additional stone rough to purchase as well as some  of his stunning jewelry.


Michael Boyd is a nationally renowned jewelry designer, metalsmith, and lapidary artist based in Pueblo and Salida, Colorado and is a co-owner of Cultureclash Gallery in downtown Salida. Using stone as his primary medium, Michael integrates metal into rock and enjoys finding creative ways to make this concept work in materials that range from simple river rock to gemstones combined with precious metals. 

"My jewelry is a compilation of standard materials and processes aimed at a progressive and innovative use of unusual, rare, and traditional materials. In the collecting and choosing of stones, I am a colorist, and while cutting the stones, I define the form and structure. Using stone as a medium my goal is to blend and integrate these materials with the metal."


Due to Covid and the unknown future, classes will be fully refundable up to 30 days prior to the class date.  If you need to cancel after the cut off date and we can fill your spot, again we will fully refund.